Call for Papers

Volume-1 - Issue-1 Paper Name Authors Country Page No Download
1 Numerical investigation of fluid flow and aerodynamic performance on a 2D NACA-4412 airfoil Husain Mehdi, Shwetanshu Gaurav, Mudit Sharma India 1-5
2 Vibration analysis and response characteristics of a half car model subjected to different sinusoidal road excitation Arshad Mehmood Oman 6-11
3 Analysis of vortex formation around a circular cylinder at low Reynolds number Vipul Namdev, Prashant Kumar, Ashish Tyagi, Kartik Kumar India 12-19
4 Vibration analysis of a cantilever beam with crack depth and crack location effects Husain Mehdi, Arshad Mehmood India 20-28
5 Analysis of calorimetric measurement bismuth and tin system Kapil , C.K Behra , Ravinder Kumar India 29-33
6 Fabrication and analysis of spring testing machine Rahul Kumar, Neeraj Panday, Arun Kumar, Vivek Kumar India 34-39

Current News & Updates

IJREI, invites papers form various Engineering & Technology and Science disciplines for vol-1, issue-6 2017

IJREI Vol-1, Issue-6 December 2017 publication is in process


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