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Volume-1 - Issue-2 Paper Name Authors Country Page No Download
1 Community analysis of key pests associated with mentha crop at sitapur, U.P. India Syed Arif Sultan, Mukesh Sehgal , Sumitra Arora , Anand Singh, D.S. Srivastava India 1-6
2 Numerical simulation model of solar air heater using ansys-14 Radha Kant , Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Sumit Chawla India 7-21
3 Thermal modelling of three stage vapour compression cascade refrigeration system using entropy generation principle for reducing global warming and ozone depletion using ecofriendly refrigerants for semen preservation R S Mishra India 22-28
4 First law thermal performance improvement of vapour compression refrigeration using nano materials mixed in R718 in secondary circuit and eco-friendly refrigerant in primary circuit R.S. Mishra India 29-32
5 Selection model for material handling equipment’s used in flexible manufacturing system Radha Kant, Rajiv Kumar Sharma India 33-39
6 A thermodynamic analysis of ejector type vapour refrigeration system using eco-friendly refrigerants R S Mishra, Ankit Dwivedi, Shadab Ahmad India 40-48
7 Thermodynamic study of R134a in Vapour Compression Refrigeration System in Summer Climate Kaushalendra Kumar Dubey, R.S Mishra India 49-53
8 Vibration analysis of laminated composite beam based on virtual instrumentation using LabVIEW Mohd Atif Jamil , Najeeb-ur-Rahman, M. Naushad Alam India 54-57
9 Effect of process parameters using friction stir processing /welding of steel- A Review R.S. Mishra, Tanusha India 58-63
10 Comparative study of parabolic trough collector through MWCNT/H 2 o nanofluid and water R.S. Mishra, Harwinder Singh India 64-70
11 Sensible heat energy storage technology using low cost locally available thermal energy storage packed bed materials for space heating and crop drying Prof. (Dr.) R.S. Mishra India 71-77
12 Modeling of variable speed compressor vapour compression refrigeration system using ecofriendly refrigerants and nano refrigerants and water cooled condenser-evaporator with experimental validation R.S. Mishra India 78-84

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IJREI, invites papers form various Engineering & Technology and Science disciplines for vol-1, issue-6 2017

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