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1 Technical and cost assessment of deploying Wi-Fi and WiMAX on educational institutions- KNUST as a case study Joshua Apigagua Akanbasiam, Daniel Kuyoli Ngala Ghana 299-305
2 Thermodynamic analysis of ORC based thermal power plant for performance improvement-A review Radhey Shyam Mishra, Yunis Khan India 306-324
3 Thermodynamic analysis of two stage cascade refrigeration systems using R-1234ZE in high temperature circuit and R1234YF in low temperature circuit R.S. Mishra India 325-339
4 Review of organotin compounds: chemistry and applications Duaa Ghazi, Zahraa Rasheed, Emad Yousif Iraq 340-348
5 Performance analysis of vapour compression refrigeration systems using eighteen ecofriendly and other CFC refrigerants Radhey Shyam Mishra India 349-359
6 Properties of gsp-Hausdorff spaces in topology Govindappa Navalagi, R G Charantimath India 360-363
7 Thermodynamic analysis of two stages cascade refrigeration system using r-1234ze in high temperature circuit and r1234yf in low temperature circuit for replacing HFC (R-134a) refrigerant Radhey Shyam Mishra India 364-373
8 Method for improving thermodynamic performance of vapour compression refrigeration system using nanofluids- A Review R.S.Mishra India 374-383
9 Numerical validation of thermal analysis of an automobile piston using ANSYS Ajay, Arshad Mehmood, Abhishek Kumar Singh, Ankit Kumar India 384-391
10 Experimental & theoretical validation of thermodynamic performance of vapour compression refrigeration system using ecofriendly refrigerants R.S.Mishra India 392-409
11 Investigation of vector controlled PV powered induction motor drive performance using hybrid fuzzy controller S. Kasthuri India 410-417
12 Dynamic performance of H-bridge cascaded multilevel inverter with multiwinding transformer S. Sakthivel India 418-422
13 Thermodynamic analysis of combined cycle power plant with trans-critical cycle integrated with solar system for power generation for space heating and cooling R.S. Mishra, Aakash Behl India 423-441
14 Study of wireless sensor networks with its applications and security P. Valarmathi India 442-448
15 Thermodynamic models for combined cycle power plants used in organic Rankine & Brayton Cycles R.S. Mishra, Manish Kumar India 449-463

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IJREI Vol-2, Issue-4 July 2018 publication is in process

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