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1 Performance measurement of flexible manufacturing system: A case study R.S. Mishra , Himani Saxena, A.K. Madan India 230-234
2 TiO2/carbon dot composites: Synthesis and photocatalytic phenol degradation performance Qiancheng Zhao, Miribangul Amat, Zhi Su, Bin Wen China 235-239
3 Meta heuristic optimization algorithms used in flexible manufacturing techniques: A review R.S. Mishra, Gagan Preet Kaur , A.K. Madan India 240-244
4 Mechanical characterization of dissimilar welded joint of SS202 and SS304 by tungsten inert gas welding Rahul Kumar Keshari, Poshan Lal Sahu India 245-252
5 Experimental analysis of microstructure and mechanical properties of welded joint of dissimilar alloy AA6082 and AA7075 by TIG and FSW Jitendra Kumar Maurya, Pawan Sani India 253-264
6 Performance improvement using nano materials mixed in R-718 in the secondary circuit of evaporator of vapour compression refrigeration system using ecofriendly refrigerants Radhey Shyam Mishra India 265-275
7 Heat transfer enhancement of flat plate with staggered dimples Dhruv N. Desai, Sanjay N. Havaldar India 276-281
8 Thermodynamic analysis of brayton cycle for power generation R.S. Mishra , Manish Kumar India 282-290
9 Methods for improving thermodynamic performances of vapor compression refrigeration systems R.S. Mishra India 291-297
10 Effect of compression ratio and injection pressure on ignition lag Umardaraj Khan, Kapil Nahar India 298-300
11 Friction stir welding (FSW) process on aluminum alloy 6082-T6 using taguchi technique Radhey Shyam Mishra, Sumit Jain India 301-305
12 Experimental investigation of joining of aluminum alloy 5083 by friction stir welding (FSW) R.S. Mishra, Preety Rani India 306-309
13 Studies on isolation and characterization of calcium carbonate bio-precipitating bacteria Nikita M. Ghorpade, Rama Bhat .P India 310-320
14 Performance evaluation of half effect LiBr-H2O Vapour Absorption Systems using Multi cascading of Vapour Compression Cycles for low temperature applications Radhey Shyam Mishra India 321-325

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IJREI, invites papers form various Engineering & Technology and Science disciplines for vol-3, issue-5, 2019

IJREI Vol-3, Issue-5 October 2019 publication is in process

IJREI received new scientific Journal Impact factor '4.782' for the session of 2018-19

IJREI received new COSMOS Impact factor '2.860' for the session of 2018-19



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